Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario - Canada. Deanna played a lot of soccer that landed her south of the border to that other cool capital of Washington D.C. Throughout her years of playing she also found a passion for coaching. She loved teaching the game and motivating others. She especially loved being a mentor, helping young players navigate life from the lessons they learned from the game. Coaching became a natural transition after she finished college and she thrived in a 15 year career as a professional coach. Being an athlete and coach didn’t provide her much time to pursue her creative side very often. She kept busy off the field dabbling in music, drawing, painting, thrifting and getting her hands dirty with DIY projects. Her love for making thoughtful and inspirational things for her friends, family and teammates sparked the dream of one day having her own company making things she thought people would love.



The year was 2001. While living the gypsy life, chasing the game of soccer and finishing her degree, it was common for Deanna to “borrow” the elastic rubber bands from the asparagus at the grocery store. She would write messges on them
for her teammates and gift them as a way to bring her team together. Surprising to her, the rubber bands really resonated with everyone who wore them. 13 years later she fine-tuned the idea and Refocus Bands were born.

Our goal is to provide each and every customer with a special experience and add value to their life and journey they are on. We want to build an authentic community of people by sharing stories of inspiration and spreading positivity.

We truly believe that in order to create the life you want you must work hard for it, surround yourself with good people and focus on what matters most to you. It’s not easy. We will be by your side every step of the way creating products that inspire and remind you of how amazing you are.